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Get PNR Standing For IRCTC Rail Ticket

Get PNR Standing For IRCTC Rail Ticket

There are several strategies made available by many companies. I will level out a few of them that I've used and located fairly useful. Just for the reference functions I am mentioning the websites where the facility is available. None of them are associated to my business or interests in any means.

There are lots of websites offering IRCTC PNR status online, a few of them requires you to register and a few of them means that you can check the status even with out signing in. Just do a Google search on IRCTC PNR standing, you will get the websites without a lot problem. In this article I need to mention some offline methods that you need to be aware of in case you don't have access the internet.

Getting the PNR standing in your IRCTC train ticket by means of mobile and different offline means

One option is to install the official irctc mobile application from irctcmobile(.)co(.)in. Download and use. Its free and pretty simple to use.
Another option is to put in the ngpay software which lets you check the PNR status by your mobile
Another method is to call 139. They offer IVRS system which asks your PNR number and tells you the latest status.
Now a days all the mobile service suppliers in India has started giving alerts for IRCTC PNR status. Just contact your buyer care for more details on that.
Indian citizen can also send to58888 to get latest IRCTC pnr status irctc hop over to these guys http://pnrstatuscheckirctc.com/ status.
Final but not the least check for the Automated machines in some stations that uses interactive contact know-how to offer the status. This is now frequent in main stations all through India.
Hope these will probably be useful to many.